Pep Guardiola has made his intentions clear by saying that he wants to manage a club in the Premier League. However, former FC Barcelona midfielder Xavi says that the Bayern Munich manager always wanted a move to England, and this is no surprise.

Guardiola, whose contract at Bayern Munich expires at the end of the season, had refused to sign an extension, forcing the club’s hand to name Italian Carlo Ancelotti as the new manager from the start of the next season. There have been many speculations over the where Guardiola would go, and with the Catalan’s intentions made clear, Xavi says that a move to the Premier League was always expected.

a There was never a question of if Pep was going to manage in England – the only question would be when. When I was at Barcelona we would always be talking about the Premier League, and our respect for the quality of the teams, the players, and the pace the game was played at,” Xavi was quoted as saying by the Daily Mirror.


a Even when he was at Barcelona, you could see it was his dream to one day manage in England.”

‘Perfectionist’ Pep

Guardiola is largely regarded as one of the best managers in the world, who never sways from his philosophy of possession football. However Xavi also revealed that Guardiola not only builds his team into menacing units, but also into a happy family.

a He is a perfectionist of course, but if you speak with the players they will all talk about the family atmosphere he creates at the clubs he is at, how he has the total trust from his players. That is what makes him special,a said Xavi.