Former Real Madrid manager Manuel Pellegrini claimed that he was not surprised to hear about Rafael Benitezai??i??s sacking. While the current Manchester City manager expressed his respect for the Spaniard, he said that Madrid’s decision was not a surprisingai??i?? given their track record in the a last five or six yearsai??i??.


Real Madrid parted ways with Rafael Benitez just seven months after announcing his appointment in the wake of Carlo Ancelottiai??i??s inglorious departure.

‘I’m not surprised’

As reported by, Pellegrini joked about his own dismissal at Real Madrid as he spoke about his time at the club and the relationship he shared with Florentino Perez.

a At least I finished the year! I knew from the beginning I was not to continue for the next year.

“There were some important differences with the president [Perez], but it is not strange when you see what happened in Real Madrid in the last five or six years.”

However, the manager was adamant that he wasnai??i??t surprised to see the axe drop on Rafael Benitez.

a Iai??i??m sorry for Rafa Benitez, he’s a manager I respect, but I’m not surprised.a

Perez gambling over Zidaneai??i??s appointment

Rafael Benitez became the ninth manager to be sacked by Florentino Perez over his two Presidential spells. Brought in against the wishes of the fans and the players alike, the Spaniardai??i??s reign was cut short following Real Madridai??i??s 2-2 draw against Valencia.

However, Florentinoai??i??s latest managerial appointment could return to haunt the president as Zinedine Zidaneai??i??s lack of experience could backfire against Real Madrid. As reported earlier, his appointment can be read as an attempt to placate the fans who had joined the players in their rebellion against Rafael Benitez.