Former Manchester City and current Inter Milan manager Roberto Mancini is convinced that Yaya Toure will move to Italy soon with Inter Milan being his preferred destination more than any other club.

Mancini signed Toure from Barcelona way back in 2010, when he was was in charge of Manchester City, for a fee of around A?24m and the Ivorian turned out to be a key player for them in the following years as he helped his side to their first title in more than three decades after City won the FA Cup. Mancini told Gazzetta TV a Yaya Toure wants to play in Italy and Inter would be his first choice.a

a Yaya has played in every top League, apart from Germany and Italy.

a If, as it does indeed seem, he wants to have an experience in Italy, then there is this possibility he could come here.

a It wona t be easy, but hea s a player with incredible technique and character. Would Inter be his first choice? Thata s certain.a

Mancini went on to reveal that he tried signing another one of his former players, Micah Richards, but a move failed to materialize, a We did try to get him, as he was my player at City. Fiorentina seemed open to it, but the move didna t go through.

a We laid the foundations at City. The club had been challenging for between 15th and 10th place, so they needed a lot of quality players brought in. If theya re still fighting for the title now, it means we constructed a quality side.

Mancini also added that the experience of managing a club in England helped him grow as a manager and he is trying to build a good team again at Inter, a England was good for me, because compared to us Italians they take football much less seriously. It was a great experience and really helped me. Ita s always cold there, so ita s easy to stay young.a

After signing some good players, Inter are only still eighth in the league, 10 points behind third-placed Lazio who occupy the last Champions League spot. Mancini added that his side will try to sign a few more good players in the future despite the potential financial fair play situation looming over them, a Now wea ll see what happens with the Financial Fair Play situation. I am convinced, and so is the club, that we will sign good players who can lift the quality level of the team.a