. Crystal Palace midfielder Wilfried Zaha has broken his silence over his issues with David Moyes from when the duo were together at Old Trafford. Zaha denied having had a relationship with Moyes’ daughter Lauren, and admits he has no emotional connect with Manchester United.

Wilfried Zaha was Six Alex Ferguson’s signing, but arrived at Old Trafford along with David Moyes. Both Moyes and Zaha had a hard time at United, and Zaha claims that the baseless romours about him frustrated him all the more.

‘A load of rumours would come around me’

Although the Englishman got limited opportunities to impress the Old Trafford faithful, he eventually ended up at Crystal Palace where he rediscovered his form.

As reported by Daily Mail, the 22-year-old said, “The thing that really frustrated me about the whole United thing was the fact that people didn’t know what actually went on at the training ground. There were just a load of rumours that used to just come out somehow and people would believe them.

“It was either I slept with David Moyes’s daughter or I have got a bad attitude. Those are the two rumours that stuck with me until I left. I have had no say since then.

“As soon as anybody sees me now, people think, ‘Wilfried Zaha, bad attitude’. I don’t understand why.

“It’s like playing any other team in the league now for me, I don’t feel anything about them any more.”

Both Zaha and Moyes have moved on

Wilfried Zaha has rediscovered his form, with the 22-year-old enjoying himself at Palace. David Moyes seems to be struggling at Real Soceidad, as they lie in 15th position in the La Liga table. Moyes had a successful period as Everton manager and arrived at Old Trafford with quite a bit of hope and expectation. Unfortunately for him, things never really fell into place, and this eventually led to his departure.

Manchester United face Crystal Palace in the premier league on Saturday, and will go top of the table, should Man City slip up against Norwich City.