After his sacking from Real Sociedad, we’re all left to wonder what comes next in the wildly fluctuating career of Scotsman David Moyes, formerly of Goodison Park and Old Trafford.


The heir apparent, successor to Sir Alex Ferguson’s throne at Old Trafford, was sacked from Manchester United without ceremony after a lacklustre season saw him leaving the club in seventh place without any hope of even qualifying for the UEFA Champions League.

It wasn’t as if he ruined one of the greatest teams in the world single handedly. There were enough reasons for worry as Sir Alex stepped down. A squad that mostly relied on players like Nemanja Vidic, Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand and Robin Van Persie who had hit the peaks of their careers and were on the decline. They had won the previous years league title convincingly, but form is temporary, especially when players start hitting the 30’s.

This problem was further compounded by David Moyes failure to make the most of transfer season, his first major signing was Marouane Fellaini, a major flop, who he bought for A?4 million in excess of the player’s expired buy out clause at, 27.5 million pounds. Moyes won 27 of his 51 games in charge of United, not a bad record, but not one in keeping with a team of United’s stature.

So, even though numerous club legends extended their support for Moyes to stay, he was sacked. After that debacle he moved on to Real Sociedad, speaking through a translator and living in a hotel, he roughed out his duration there. But, once again, Moyes found himself sacked before completing even a year of his tenure despite helping the club avoid relegation the previous season.

He may not be the best, but he’s good

Despite these two disappointing stints, let’s not forget that this is the same manager that took Everton, a haphazard team that just finished above the drop zone in his first season in charge, and over the course of a decade played a huge part in transforming it into the competitive side that it is today. He made some major signings along the way, like Tim Howard and Leighton Baines, who would go on to become the mainstays of the Everton team.

Manchester United proved to be too much of pressure for the manager, on the other side of Europe Real Sociedad alienated him and took him too far out of his comfort zone. Now is the perfect time for the Scotsman to come back to the premier league and do what he has proved himself capable of, taking charge of a mid-table team and getting the most out of them.

What’s next?

Moyes could prove his mettle by signing with any number of clubs in the Premier League that are dealing with managerial issues. Steve McLaren is living on a prayer at Newcastle United, while after their recent dismal performances, Swansea City could also be looking to replace Garry Monk. Teams like Aston Villa and Sunderland, struggling to find the right manager to take them forward, would also probably seriously look at signing Moyes considering his credentials.

The manager is vastly experienced in the Premier League and would be welcome back, the wounds of Manchester United’s season of gloom have been tended to by Louis Van Gaal and Moyes should return to familiar surroundings if he wishes to move forward in his career.