Image Courtesy: Youtube

Is that FIFA 15? Is that Manuel Neuer? No! That is South Africaa s U-17 side goalkeeper Mondi Mpoto, soaring up the pitch, like any other outfield player, to provide a pass for one of the forwards, at the FIFA U-17 World Cup, in Chile.


Mpoto has a reputation for leaving his duties under the bar, and soaring up the pitch, with the ball at his feet.

Well, he did it again, this time, during their Group E match against North Korea. The match itself ended in a 1-1 stalemate, but that did not stop Mpoto from surging up the pitch, in search of more attacking opportunities for his team.

German national team and Bayern Munich custodian Manuel Neuer also famously has the habit of leaving his penalty area, with the ball at his feet. He has also famously played as an outfield player, in friendly matches, and even scored goals. Herea s a video of Neuer scoring a goal as an outfield player, in a friendly match.


The next edition of the FIFA U17 World Cup is going to be held in India so keep your eyes peeled for such talents.