Isco has to work hard week in, week out to make a place for himself in the starting 11 and recent comments suggest he is no longer happy doing that.

Real Madrid signed Isco from Malaga at the beginning of the 2014-15 season. The Spaniard had a great pre-season and he also started the actual season on a positive note. In fact, he made Mesut zil insecure about his place in the team and forced him to move to Arsenal. The promising start that Isco made to his Real Madrid career may have given the notion that the midfielder will be a regular in the starting line-up.

However, it hasna t been that easy for the Spain international. Last season, Angel Di Mariaa s consistency saw Isco warming the bench for most of the matches. And this season, despite the departure of Di Maria, Isco is not seen as someone who is sure to start the game in a fully-fit squad. The Spaniard often starts on the bench when the entire Real Madrid squad is fit and available for selection.

This season, Isco has been a regular figure in the starting line-up as Modric, Bale and James Rodriguez have regularly suffered from injuries. In the chances he got, Isco showed his brilliance and impressed Ancelotti. The Italian even went on to say that the Spaniarda s place in the team in non-negotiable. However, when James Rodriguez and Luka Modric returned to fitness, the Spaniard was again relegated to the bench.

Isco has now, shockingly revealed that though he is not upset about his role, he is not very happy either.

Speaking to Canal+, Isco said: [Were you ready for Ramos to play in the midfield?]

It surprised me, I wasn’t expecting that but he is a quality player who can perform well in every position.

[So you did not train this?]

Maybe I wasn’t there!

[Are you happy with your role?]

I know it’s always hard to feature in Real Madrid, it’s a big club and to have players competing for their spots is always possible. It’s true that I thought I was doing a good job over the last few months and it’s not easy to sit on the bench all of a sudden.

[So are you upset?]

Not upset, but not very happy either. But again, I know it’s hard to play in this club.

These comments come as a strong blow to Real Madrid but will boost the Premier League teams to get into action and start preparing bids for the midfielder. Clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City will be alerted to Iscoa s situation and might battle out for the midfielder come summer.