Bayern Munich scraped through to a narrow win against Hoffenheim courtesy of a late Robert Lewandowski strike. Following the goal, Pep Guardiola was seen giving Xabi Alonso lengthy instructions on the touchline, which, it is fair to say, let the Spanish midfielder lose his patience.

Lewandowski scored a later winner in the 90th minute in the Hoffenheim tie. As the team celebrated, manager Pep Guardiola called Xabi Alonso over to the touchline to bombard him with fresh instructions with just a couple of minutes remaining for Bayern to hold on for a hard fought three points.


Having heard an earful of instructions, Alonso then lost his cool with Guardiola as he was desperate to get back to his position with little time on the clock.

Alonso was seen telling Guadiola, a Ya esta!a a ‘thata s enough’ in the video below.