The travelling Werder Bremen fans produced an incredible atmosphere at Upton Park and even sang the famous Oasis song ‘Wonderwall’ to win the respect of the Hammers.

Werder Bremen beat West Ham United 2-1 in their pre-season friendly, however, the highlight of the match was when the Die Werderaner’s travelling fans supported their team with a rendition of former English rock band Oasis’s famous song ‘Wonderwall’.

The fans sang the song for close to 15 minutes to the amazement of the West Ham fans who were in awe of a small band of travelling supporters. The video was recorded by a West Ham fan, who was startled by the enthusiasm and passion of the German fans.

Some of the stadiums in England have often been criticized for a tranquil atmosphere inside. Perhaps, the English fans could learn a thing or two from their German counter-parts!

Here’s a video of the Werder Bremen fans singing at the top of their voices: