Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger has insisted that the beauty of football lies not just in winning, but winning while staying within the rules. According to the Frenchman, the players should not be allowed to reduce the sport to a ‘street fight’.

Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC played out a game marred with controversies last weekend, as Diego Costa clashed with defender Laurent Koscielny. The situation spilled out of control after Gabriel Paulista intervened and was subsequently sent off by Mike Dean who was officiating the fixture. Subsequently, an independent committee of the FA reviewed the incident and awarded Diego Costa a three match suspension while rescinding Gabriel’s red-card and the corresponding three match ban.

The defender was however handed a one-match suspension for improper conduct as he failed to leave the pitch immediately after being sent-off.

. If you can do whatever you feel like, ita s no longer a sport, ita s just a street fight

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s clash against Leicester City, Wenger highlighted the fact that in football, the ends did not always justify the means. As quoted by 101greatgoals, Wenger spoke about the nature of the game in the light of recent events.

“No, the end should not justify the means.”

Asked as to whether Arsenal lacked malice or vice, the Frenchman opined that maybe his team lacked malice.

“Yes, maybe. But vice is not a quality; malice is.”

As reported by The Guardian, Wenger commented that it was important to win while respecting the rules of the game.

a Because the very thing that makes sport beautiful is winning while respecting the rules.

a If you can do whatever you feel like, ita s no longer a sport, ita s just a street fight. There is an increasing view that only the result counts and it doesna t matter how you get it. Thata s a stance that sometimes puts you in a situation that can be difficult to maintain. Ita s important that the spirit of sport wins out too.a

Here’s the video of Arsene Wenger’s interview in French: