Manchester United’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed in his new book that his hard-lined disciplinarian approach at the club may have cost his side titles.


Ferguson’s hair-dryer treatment to players who failed to pull their weight on the field was famous, as was his no-nonsense approach to enforcing discipline at the club.

His disciplanary nature was made famous when he fell out with several stars at the club, including Jaap Stam, Ruud van Nistelrooy and David Beckham among others.

Patrice Evra also recently revealed that Ferguson had threatened to sack any and every player he deemed not hungry enough to defend the UEFA Champions League title following the triumph in 2008.

Giving an exclusive reading from his upcoming book on management, ‘Leading’, to the official Manchester United Facebook page, Ferguson talks about the importance of discipline and how despite costing the club league titles it was high on his priority list.

The clip can be watched below: