Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho has blasted his team’s performance in their 2-1 home defeat to Crystal Place, claiming that one unnamed player should never have lasted 90 minutes.

Mourinho was, understandably, a frustrated figure following Chelsea’s second defeat in three games in the Premier League. The defending champions have made a torrid start to the new season, collecting just four points from their opening four games as Manchester City continue to put distance between them.

While giving credit to Crystal Palace for their performance, Mourinho once against blasted the officials for getting a decision wrong.

He also said he blamed himself for leaving one player on the pitch for the 90 minutes, considering how badly he was playing. He was careful not to name the player, but, Chelsea FC dressing room will not be a place you and I want to be in, right now.


The video of Mourinho’s post match press-conference can be seen below.