Manchester United fan and world’s fastest man Usain Bolt took part in the Dizzy Goals challenge in support of The Global Goals.

The 29-year-old has been at the center of attention, having won gold medals in the recently concluded IAAF World Championships in Beijing.

The dizzy penalty challenge is a campaign by The Global Goals, which aims to commit to 17 goals and plans to achieve them in the next 15 years.

A dizzy goals challenge requires a player to circle around the ball while touching it with one hand for a minimum of 13 times, before trying to score from the penalty spot.

The Jamaican sprinter was seen completely losing his balance as he headed towards kicking the ball, but Bolt managed to keep his composure as he slotted home the spot.

Many footballers including Gareth Bale, Mikel Arteta, Theo Walcott, Joe Gomez and Jordan Ibe have taken part in the dizzy goals challenge.