While his teammates travel the world to play for their national side, Luis Suarez is currently serving out his ban for biting Chiellini in the World Cup 2014. Speaking in an interview, Suarez reflected on life at FC Barcelona and complained about the unfair length of ban imposed on him.


Suarez is still serving a suspension from international football following the biting incident at the World Cup 2014. The FC Barcelona man grumbled about the length of his ban, noting that players caught doping have been given shorter bans.

Suarez won the treble for FC Barcelona last season with Lionel Messi playing a key role alongside the Uruguayan and Neymar.

Suarez reckons that everyone at the club knows Messi is the best, and that no one is trying to compete with him or surpass him.

“Everyone has their own style to provide, there is no jealousy of Leo,” he said.