Real Madrid’s late late move for their top transfer target David De Gea hit a snag last night after some administrative issues relating to the paperwork and their failure to file the same before the closure of the the Spanish transfer window.


Contrasting reports are emerging from all sections of the media, some suggesting that Real Madrid filed the documents 28 minutes after the closing of the window. However, Sky Sports news reporter Gary Cotterill, who is reporting from Madrid, understands that the Santiago Bernabeu outfit never filed any documents ascertaining that David De Gea was a Real Madrid player.

Earlier it was being reported that Real Madrid and Manchester United were in the process of lodging an appeal to the LFP in a bid to try and force the transfer through despite the window being shut. However, it has now emerged that Real Madrid are not appealing towards the same and have given up on their chase of David De Gea for this summer.

The 24-year-old will now stay almost certainly stay at Manchester United for the present. However, it remains to be seen in what capacity he would be involved with the first team. Following the fiasco, De Gea is unlikely to be delighted with his current employers and Louis Van Gaal would have to continue for a year with an unhappy player in his ranks.

Real Madrid have since released a statement on their club’s official website, confirming that it was Manchester United who sent the final paperwork two minutes after the deadline and were responsible for the collapse of the transfer.

Here’s the video confirming the fiasco of De Gea’s transfer: