With Jurgen Klopp set to be unveiled as the new boss at Liverpool FC, we trace back a video clip of his in which the charismatic German explains his football philosophy.

Klopp enjoyed great success at Dortmund, winning two Bundesliga title and reaching one UEFA Champions League final, while playing a very attractive style of football based on relentless pressing as well as counter-attacking with pace.

a Fighting football a that is what I like,a he told the Telegraph in 2013.

a What we call in German a English [football]a rainy day, heavy pitch, everybody is dirty in the face and they go home and cana t play football for the next four weeks.a

Speaking to BBC Sport in the video below, Klopp described his footballing philosophy as a we want to enjoy our own game.a

a Ia ve watched so many matches in my life,a he said.

a There are some boring games, then I sleep. Ita s so boring, I think a why?a a Therea s 20, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80,000 people in a stadium when ita s a boring game a ita s not okay!

a So thata s what we want to see, we want to enjoy our own game. Tactical things are so important a you cannot win without tactical things a but the emotion makes the difference.a