Chelsea FC have some big problems now after their 2-1 loss at Leicester City, as the defending champions are incredibly just one point above the relegation zone at the moment.

Jose Mourinho has been looking for a reaction from his players and was hoping that playing Leicester City would do just that, as last season’s relegation strugglers moved to the top of the table. However, nothing of the kind happened, as Diego Costa was seen gesturing to the likes of Nemanja Matic to wake up from their sleep.

In the post match interview, Mourinho did not mince his words, when he said that the players need to apply themselves more and that some of them are just not cutting it for a top team like Chelsea FC. He also said that it is a matter of shame that a club like Chelsea FC are near the relegation zone at the moment.


“I feel ashamed with such a bad season we are doing in the Premier League, but [you need to] use this feeling to motivate you [and] not to make you afraid to face opponents in matches,” said Mourinho.

Here is the full video of Mourinho’s post match interview.