Jose Mourinho claims it took him just one minute to persuade Pedro to move to Chelsea FC and also gave his take on superstition in football with a typical humorous response.

Manchester United were linked with former FC Barcelona winger Pedro for a long time and Louis Van Gaal also confirmed the Red Devilsa reported interest.

However, Chelsea FC swooped in at the 11th hour and convinced the winger to sign for them. The wingera s transfer was announced earlier in the week. The Spaniard revealed how phone calls from Jose Mourinho and Cesc Fabregas convinced him to sign for Chelsea FC.

Confirming his story, Mourinho was quoted saying by the Independent: a It was a one-minute conversation. [I asked] a Is it true that you want to leave Barcelona?a [Pedro:] a Yes, ita s true. I love it here. Ita s my home, but ita s time for me to move.a


[Mourinho:] a Did you sign already for another club?a [Pedro] a Almost, but not yet.a [Mourinho] a Do you want to come here?a [Pedro] a Yes, I want.a

a For me, it was one minute. I told my people in the club, responsible for the practical side of the market, that he hadna t signed for another club. Almost, but not yet. He told me he wants to come here, so ita s over to you. I thought hea d never leave Barcelona.a

However, in the video below, Mourinho refused to rub it in to Manchester United, saying he only wants to beat them on the pitch and not in the transfer market.

Mourinho is also seen laughing away when asked to give his take on a coincidental run in which their last few league defeats have all come from managers beginning with the letter P as they prepare to take on Pulis’ West Brom side.