Chelsea FC have had a terrible start to the new season and the strains are showing on Jose Mourinho, as he lost his cool again — the second time inside the last three days — and snapped at a journalist for asking him questions about the much talked-about ‘third season syndrome’.


Jose Mourinho had let out the four-worded expletive in the aftermath of the Everton defeat after being made to wait a few extra minutes for his post-match conference.

The transition from ‘The Happy One’ to ‘The Irritated One’ seems to have been completed now, as Jose lost his cool once again, this time at a journalist.

The Portuguese snapped at a journalist for asking a ‘stupid question’ about his third seasons in charge of clubs, which have been marked by a drop-off in terms of performances, as well as conflicts against the club’s hierarchy.

While it is a press conference and he can only blow his top to a limit, the Portuguese is clearly raging here.

The clip can be seen below: