Liverpool FC announced that they had sacked manager Brendan Rodgers last night. While the fans had been calling for the Northern Irishman’s head for a long time, Sky Sports pundits Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry were caught by surprise by the news and their reaction can be best described as ‘pure gold’.

Liverpool had won a dismal three off their eleven games this season, following a poor 2014-15 season, turning most of the fans against the opinion of keeping Rodgers in the job.

However, the fact that the Fenway Sports Group had kept Rodgers in the job in summer despite the poor 14-15 season and given him the money to renew the squad again, most experts expected Rodgers to get a lot more than the two months to settle the players in the squad.

Liverpool FC legend Jamie Carragher was in the Sky Sports studio alongside Thierry Henry when the news broke. The English defender and the former Arsenal attacker were shocked at the news and their reaction was simply priceless, as seen in the clip below.