Arsenal FC’s young sensation Hector Bellerin was invited to the launch event of famous gaming series, Call of Duty’s latest installment, the Black Ops 3.

Arsenal FC have released a video of the young Spaniard going to the event for promotion purposes. The 21-year-old hailed himself as the best COD player of those at the Emirates in the build-up to the showdown.


However, Bellerin failed to match the professional gamer’s level of expertise at the event and hailed their impressive shooting and game-play. The Spaniard compared the best of Call of Duty players with one of his team-mates, renowned for his superior vision – Mesut Ozil.

He said: “They are like the Mesut Ozils you know, they see things that no one else sees!”

Here’s the video of Hector Bellerin attending the launch event: