Real Madrid superstar Gareth Bale was seen taking part in a dizzy penalty challenge in support of The Global Goals. Liverpool FC youngsters Jordan Ibe and Joe Gomez also participated in the charity campaign.

The world’s costliest player, Bale, fires wide from the penalty spot after spinning 14 times touching a stationary ball.


Jordan Ibe completed 17 turns before taking his penalty, and managed to hit the ball on target only for Joe Gomez to save it.

Gomez on the other hand managed only 13 turns and failed to make it to the ball in order to hit the penalty. The Liverpool FC left-back collapsed mid way through his run up.

The dizzy penalty challenge requires a player to spin around the ball as many times as he can, before trying to score from the penalty spot. The Global Goals campaigns aims to commit to 17 goals which it plans to achieve in the next 15 years. All videos are courtesy of Sky Sports.

Here is the video of Gareth Bale trying to score from a dizzy penalty:

Here is the video of Joe Gomez and Jordan Ibe trying their luck: