They might be plying their trade in the third tier of German football, but they are literally in a league of their own. Dynamo Dresden currently have a 10-point lead at the top of the 3. Liga table, and are well on course to make it to the 2. Bundesliga next season.


However, that is not the only reason they’ve been making headlines this weekend. As the 3. Liga faced-off against cross-town rivals FC Magdeburg, the Dynamo fans put on a show that would humble even the fans of some of the biggest teams from across Europe.


With a crowd of around 29,000 fans, Dynamo Dresden arranged for an enormous 450-meter banner that encircled almost the entire stadium. The only part of the stadium that it did not cover was the section reserved for the away fans.

This is reported to be the largest choreographed display ever to have been recorded inside a European stadium. The banner set the club back a 25,000, but looking at this amazing display put up by the fans, the money seems to have been well worth it.

You can watch this amazing display of fan-support in the video below: