Both Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal and CSKA Moscow coach Leonid Slutski described this stretch of play as one of the most crucial moments of the match.


Manchester United fans would have had their hearts in their mouths when they saw Seydou Doumbia burst forward, one-on-one with the Red Devils’ goalkeeper David De Gea.

However, although Louis van Gaal’s team have come under heavy criticism, they have been among the best sides defensively in the Premier League, and they exhibited just that when the Spaniard saved the shot. In spite of this good effort though, the rebound fell at the feet of the Ivorian striker, who instinctively took another shot at goal, with De Gea nowhere in sight.

This time however, defender Chris Smalling came to United’s rescue, as he slid in front of Doumbia’s second effort to make an astounding goal-line save.

Soon after, Wayne Rooney scored the winning goal for Manchester United, and this incredible team-effort by the goalkeeper and the centre-back to keep Doumbia out proved to be crucial in sending the Red Devils to the top of Group B.

You can watch this amazing effort by De Gea and Smalling in the video below.