Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is known to get agitated when rivals fan chant Lionel Messi’s name to irk him, but the Portuguese was seen enjoying it before Portugal’s Euro qualifier against Albania.


The former Manchester United winger has denied that he competes with his arch-rival Lionel Messi, despite it being a wide-spread opinion among the experts that it is this comparison which has pushed the 30-year-old to greater heights.

Ronaldo used to get offended when rivals fans in Spain used to hurl Messi chants at him in the past. However, he seems to have moved on from his previous shenanigans or at-least this video of him training for Portugal ahead of the crucial Euro qualifier suggests so.

The 30-year-old looks like he is enjoying the Albanian fans chanting the name of Messi, even urging them to raise their voice and chant more of the same.

Here’s the video of Cristiano Ronaldo unperturbed by Lionel Messi chants: