Violence is the side of football nobody wants to see. Yet, that is exactly what descended onto the pitch in the Chilean league, even before the kickoff between Colo Colo and Santiago Wanderers.

The fans of the two sides descended onto the pitch at the Estadio Elias Figueroa Brander, where the twos teams were set to face off against each other. The two sets of fans attacked each other with metal poles, plastic stools and other dangerous articles. Some even hurled firecrackers at each other.

As the riot police entered the pitch, one elderly fan can be clearly seen to have been injured and was lying on the ground. He was treated by medics, and helped onto an ambulance.

There was chaos outside the stadium as well, as some fans were seen hurling what seemed to be rocks, at cars of opposition fans.

The match has been postponed, but Colo Colo managed to win the league title anyway, as Universidad Catolica lost out to Audax Italiano.

Chilean midfielder expressed his grief in Twitter, saying, “Shame about Valpo. A bunch of criminals tarnish football. The authorities are made responsible [for this]!!!”

Here is his tweet.


Here, is the full video of the riot inside and outside the Estadio Elias Figueroa Brander.