Adidas have released a brilliant new advertisement titled ‘Create Your Own Game’ which features many superstars including Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, Mesut Ozil, Thomas Muller and James Rodriguez. .

The tagline of the new commercial reads: Your heroes are now your competition. Dona t just follow; go out and create your own game.

The sports accessories manufacturing giants collaborate with news agency 72andSunny to produce their debut work. The video shows a young athlete taking on the footballing giants and promotes aspiring athletes to not follow their heroes instead carve out their own path. It symbolizes the fresh direction adopted by Adidas for it’s branding.

The promotion video emphasizes on one defining characteristic of each of the footballer. Bale is epitomized by his speed, Ozil with his vision, James with his control and Muller with his killer touch, while Messi is shown to be an embodiment of unparalleled brilliance.

The young athlete is also shown saying- “These are not just my heroes anymore; they’re my competition.”

Here’s the video released by Adidas, which we are sure you would love, like we did: