Chilean football star Arturo Vidal apologized Wednesday to police for threatening an officer during a drunk driving arrest while his country was hosting the Copa America, a tournament his team eventually won.


The court suspended Vidal’s license for two years over the drunk driving charge, but he will not face trial after apologizing for the June 17 incident.

“I am Arturo Vidal and I would like to apologize to the Chilean police,” he said in court as he was arraigned on the additional charge of threatening the officer, with the cop present.

“I was out of control and I showed disrespect for him, and now I regret this,” said Vidal, who also said he would give public awareness speeches to youths about the dangers of drunk driving and donate sports equipment.

Vidal was caught on tape after the accident swearing at the arresting officer in a confrontational exchange.

“Go ahead and handcuff me, but you’re going to shit all over Chile,” he can be heard saying in the amateur video, which was posted online by Santiago radio station Bio Bio.

When the video emerged, Vidal was slapped with the additional charge.

Vidal made a tearful apology the day after the accident. He was allowed to keep his spot on the Chile squad, which went on to win the tournament with an upset victory over Argentina.

Vidal crashed his bright red Ferrari as he was returning to Santiago after an evening at a casino. His wife, who was with him in the car, was injured.