Manchester United’s Chris Smalling has said that the success of Jamie Vardy will prompt English Premier League clubs to look for talent from the lower rungs of English football instead of abroad.

The best defender and best attacker in the premier league so far have both come from humble beginnings, playing non-league football before being snapped up by league clubs. Fulham for defender Chris Smalling and Leicester City for Jamie Vardy. Smalling has recently cited Vardy’s success as a sign of hope for English players playing non-league football.

a I think clubs should look more at non-league players, especially given how much people are costing to bring in,a said Smalling, according to

a If you can find some sort of hidden gems in the local sides or non-league sides, ita s a no-brainer to give those guys a chance. With Jamiea s success I think you will see them have a little bit more of a wider look.a

Started from the bottom

Jamie Vardy and Chris Smalling are both proof of the presence of genuine, raw talent in the lower rungs of English football. While Vardy has embarked on an 11-match scoring streak, breaking the Premier League record and finding himself joint second highest goal scorer in all of Europe’s top leagues, Chris Smalling’s performance this season is a huge factor in Manchester United’s impeccable defensive record and reason enough for England manager Roy Hodgson to consider him an integral member of the national team’s starting XI.