United are 11 points behind the London side with five games left to play, but Van Gaal believes people cana t say the trophy is going to Stamford Bridge just yet.

a It is not definitely gone because we can still win 15 points and they can still lose 18 points,a he said.

“The main goal is that we are progressing as a team and we have done that today.”

“We were the dominant team on the pitch but we lost. In football, the result is everything.”

“We also need results in football. It is not always the best team that wins.”

United enjoyed 70 per cent of possession at Stamford Bridge, but struggled to create many chances as Chelsea frustrated their opponents.

While disappointed with losing, Van Gaal admitted he was very pleased with how his side kept the ball for large periods.

“I’m not frustrated, I am very proud of my team,” Van Gaal Said said. “We played the best match this season but in football you can lose in spite of you being the better team.”

“We are in a process and I see my team always growing, improving, every week. It’s amazing how we have played here and when you see the statistics it’s unbelievable that the result is 1-0. It’s not like any other sport. But thata s what counts.”

“It’s not that we have made a big step in our process that counts. We count it but for the fans, they have lost and Manchester United have lost and that’s a pity when you play so well.”

Van Gaal was dissapointed with refree Mike Dean, as the Dutchman believes John Terry fouled Radamel Falcao in the build up to Chelsea’s goal and feels the refree should have spotted the foul.

“For me, it was a foul. That’s my opinion, on Falcao,” he said. “You are dependable of the referee, when he wishes it is a penalty, now it is not a penalty, when he doesn’t whistle for a foul on Falcao it’s not a foul.”

“But my opinion is different but ok, it’s like that and I cannot control the referee.”