As his troops get ready to do battle with Leicester City at Old Trafford on Saturday, Louis Van Gaal faced the media earlier today.

The Dutchman has come into the firing line after recent results saw his team unable to perform at the level expected off of them. The Red Devils have only managed winning two games in the last six they have played in all competitions. Whata s more, their performances have also dropped, with the team scoring just five goals in those games.

Little surprise then, that the first question thrown at Van Gaal was about the teama s diminished attacking potential, this despite spending a major chunk of that A?150m on the forward line.

“It’s true that we have not created too many in the last two or three matches, but therefore I have changed system. We have to play more quickly because our opponents are defending and make a small space, so it’s difficult then to attack. Everybody knows that but we also need a little bit of luck and we have to finish the chances”, Van Gaal concluded.

The media then addressed the elephant in the room, by asking Van Gaal Manchester United’s plans for the remainder of this transfer window.

“I read every day that I or United are interested in other players. We only have under contract now Victor Valdes. We gave him a chance. We are only selling players, not buying them,” said Van Gaal.

Still on about the transfer window, the former Ajax and Barcelona coach continued to ramble.

“I don’t think it’s favourable for the league because it’s a little bit unfair. You start a league and then you change your team, the richer clubs can do that and it’s not fair for others, but that’s the rule and you can take benefit of it.”

The big news from the press conference, however, was that Darren Fletcher has left Manchester United after having spent 12 years with the club. Speaking about it, the 63 year-old said, “Fletcher is at West Ham now I believe, so we will have to wait and see. He hasn’t played many times and that’s always the main goal of a player. We spoke about it and he prefers to play.”

Once again, it came back to what needs to be done so United can start scoring more goals, and the Dutchman responded, “We have to play more quickly, with a high ball speed. Then, and only then, can you disorganise the opponent.”