Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has criticised midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger for his performances thus far for the Red Devils, insisting he expects more from the German international


Bastian Schweinsteiger was one of the Premier League’s biggest imports over the summer and, although the German has not been poor for Manchester United, manager Louis van Gaal has insisted that the midfielder can be better than he has been thus far this season.

Schweinsteiger has been a regular in the first-team, playing one of the holding positions in central midfield, but has come in for criticism for his role in United’s failure to create chances and play the attacking football that the Old Trafford faithful have cried out for.

Van Gaal expects more from Schweinsteiger

The Dutchman, who has worked with the 31-year-old before during their time together at Bayern Munich, claims that Manchester United fans have yet to see the best of the German midfielder. Van Gaal also revealed some of the thought-process behind signing an established superstar such as Schweinsteiger.


“The reason why we have bought Schweinsteiger is because hea s a player who can lead and guide a team,” Van Gaal is quoted as saying by the Manchester Evening News.

“Ita s not just because of his football abilities that we bought him. Until now we havena t seen the best of Schweinsteiger, the player I saw at Bayern Munich. I believe that in every match we have played he could have played better.”

The 64-year-old refused to elaborate on what aspects of the midfielder’s game he was unhappy with, claiming it was something to be discussed between player and manager.

“I think I have to discuss with Bastian Schweinsteiger and not with you,a added Van Gaal.

a Otherwise we have a tactical article about Bastian and then the reaction of the legends to that article so I dona t think that is wise. But I know he can be better.a

United boss playing a risky game

There is nothing to suggest that the comments made by Van Gaal will not be taken on board by a professional such as Schweinsteiger, but public criticism of one of the team’s senior players has not always been in the best interests of the team.

Even if there is no problem between the pair, there is every chance the comments will be brought up if Schweinsteiger is dropped, and given the negative press United have been getting due to their style of play and unconvincing performances, the last thing Van Gaal needs is another negative story surrounding the club.