The Paris attacks have affected the mindset of many players, especially the ones who live in the city. Uruguay forward Edinson Cavani is one such player who plies his trade in the French capital, at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). But it does not seem like national team coach Oscar Tabarez knows anything about that.


The terror attacks in Paris on Friday night had left the whole world in shock, as at least 129 people were killed and hundreds more were injured in the attacks. An attempted attack was also made on the Stade de France, where France and Germany were playing an international friendly.

These incidents have left France and the rest of Europe in shock. Some of the South American Players have (who play for PSG) have expressed their reluctance to return to the city in light of the attacks, with the chief among them being Brazil’s David Luiz. Cavani is another player who was reportedly reluctant to return to the French capital. However, Tabarez does not seem to have much knowledge about whether his forward is in distress or not.

“I haven’t spoken with him. I didn’t know what you just told me,” Tabarez was quoted as saying in FourFourTwo. “He is a player who lives in that city, so it’s normal that he’s been affected by it. It’s a thing that doesn’t have anything to do with the match. So I won’t speak about it. And if I knew anything I wouldn’t tell you.”

Tabarez coming off a 3-match ban

Uruguay would be looking to exact their revenge on the Chileans for the 1-0 defeat that they were dished out in the quarter finals of the Copa America, earlier this year. To boost their chances, manager Tabarez will be returning to their dugout, after a three-match ban for arguing with the referee during the Copa America quarter final. However, much like Cavani, Tabarez did not want to talk about this either.

“I am preparing a sports team to achieve things, nothing more than that,” he was quoted as saying on La Red 21. “I will not talk about it anymore because I do not want to contribute more to climate and want it to be just a football game. I do not want to leave transcended or phrases out of context. “

Third placed Uruguay currently trail second placed Chile by just one point, and would be looking to leapfrog their opponents on the table with a revenge win against them. It would be interesting to see how Tabarez’s presence in the dugout helps them.