UEFA president and Legendary French footballer, Michel Platini has hinted that the governing body might choose to ease out the FFP rules which are being followed in the present times.

Platini speaking to French radio station RTL said: a I think the regulations that have been made are fine, but FFP was voted in by the clubs.

a The French press have questioned it since Roman Abramovich at Chelsea can buy players while in France they cannot.

a Today in France they want another system, but if Qatar [owners of Paris Saint-Germain] had bought AC Milan they would want stricter enforcement. As it is, the Italians also say they want a lighter FFP.

a I understand that we are in a world of false bottoms, but we say this openly. I think wea ll lighten things up.a

The UEFA chief also mentioned that this idea is yet to be implemented and a final decision will be taken by the Executive Committee in the coming month. He further added, a This will be for the Uefa Executive Committee to decide. Youa ll know the outcome at the end of June.a

The idea to relax the strict FFP rules came up after UEFA had a meeting with all the top European clubs who generally face problems with present guidelines. These rules were implemented in the year 2011 to keep a check on clubs to would spend heavily in the transfer market. Clubs found guilty would face several implications including ban on transfers, squad limitations etc.