The disparity between the football ticket prices in England and Germany is quite big, and that was reiterated by the protest that the fans of FC Bayern Munich conducted at the Emirates stadium during their sidea s UEFA Champions League away fixture against Arsenal, on Tuesday.


What seemed to draw the irk of the FC Bayern Munich fans, is the fact that their tickets, in the away stands at the Emirates cost them A?64 for one match. Meanwhile, the lowest price of a season ticket at the Allianz Arena is A?104.48, according to a BBC survey.

The Bayern fans boycotted the first five minutes of the match, with banners on their stands that read, a A?64 a ticket. But without fans football is not worth a penny.a

This strong message, although criticised by the Arsenal FC management, seemed to go down well with the Gunners fans, as they cheered at their FC Bayern Munich counterparts, during their five minutes of protest.

There have been a big hue and cry about bringing the prices of the away tickets down, and the message by the Bavarian fans is one of the strongest yet sent to those in the upper echelons of football management.

However, little seems to have been done to reduce the prices of the tickets, in spite of these protests. Few of the few instances, when clubs got together, to adhere to their fana s demands, are that of Newcastle United, Swansea City, Burnley, and Aston Villa. Whenever any of these clubs play each other, the away fans can avail their tickets for as low as A?20.

The protest by the FC Bayern Munich fans also drew a lot of interest from the social media, with a number of fans coming out in support of the protesters. Here are some of the best tweets.