UEFA have announced the financial distribution system for its club competitions starting from the 2015 season to the 2018 season and the payments have substantially increased compared to the previous cycle of 2012-15.

The Champions League has always been a good source of income for not only the teams that make it far, but also for those who manage to qualify for the group stages. For the coming seasons, the teams can expect even more as the fixed payments have been increased from a 500.7m to a 724.4m and the market pool has been increased from a 409.6m to a 482.9m. Taking both into account

Taking both the fixed and variable payments into account, the net rise in the UEFA Champions League revenue available is a whopping a 297m (a 223.7m increase in fixed and a 73.3m increase in the variable market pool) compared to the season’s before (2012-2015).

The report on UEFA’s official website also read, “The global forecasted pot available per season for distribution to clubs in the UEFA Champions League amounts to a 1.257bn. The amount of a 1.207bn available to the clubs from the group stage onwards will be split as usual between fixed amounts and market pool.”

UEFA Champions League

Group stage fee: a 12m

Group stage performance: a 1.5m win / a 500k draw

Round of 16: a 5.5m

Quarter-finals: a 6m

Semi-finals: a 7m

Final: a 15m winners, a 10.5m runners-up

In addition, the winners of the 2015 UEFA Super Cup can expect to receive a 4m and the runners-up a 3m.

Market pool (a 482.9m)

The second tier of European football too has seen some improvements. The teams in the Europa League will receive a 2.4m if they manage to reach the group stage. Although the revenue from the knockout stage isn’t great, going all the way could give you as much as a 13m excluding the market pool share and the incentives in each game which stands at a 1.5m for a win and a 500k for a draw. At best, if a club wins all their games, they could earn as much as a 15.31m.

UEFA Europa League

Group Stage fee: a 2.4m

Group Stage performance: a 360k win / a 120k draw

KO Qualification bonus: a 500k winners/a 250k runners-up

Round of 32: a 500k

Round of 16: a 750k

Quarter-Finals: a 1m

Semi-Finals: a 1.5m

Final a 6.5m winners: / a 3.5m runners-up

Market pool (a 152.4m)

UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino stated, a UEFA is really pleased that the new distribution system not only provides for a substantial rise in monies received by clubs participating in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, but also strengthens UEFAa s solidarity principle, namely ensuring an even more substantial increase in solidarity payments to clubs.

a In this way, the new system provides a better deal for everyone, especially those clubs which did not qualify to the group stage of either of the two UEFA club competitions. This is a perfect example of the proper implementation of the solidarity principle which forms an essential part of UEFAa s key values.a