International breaks always throw up some transfer rumour or the other, but this time it seems to have churned out something that nobody would have been anticipating — talks of Lionel Messi’s prospective move to Arsenal FC.


The Messi-to-Arsenal rumour seems to have taken everyone aback, although it has been met with a lot of cynicism from fans and pundits alike.

However, the catch is that the FC Barcelona star reportedly wants A?600,000-a-week, if he is to move to the Premier League, and this is something that seems to have more-or-less ruled most clubs out of the running.

Some Arsenal FC fans greeted this news in a positive way. Here are some of the best positive reactions to the Messi transfer rumour, that the Gunners fans voiced on Twitter.

A couple of fans even pleaded with Mathieu Flamini, who owns a potential A?20 billion business, to pitch in for Messi’s transfer fee and wage-bill — sarcastically, we hope.

However, most of the fans seemed quite skeptical about this rumour. Here are some of them.