Paris has been devastated by the attacks on the city that has reportedly killed hundreds of people. Gunshots and blasts in at least four different areas of the city has set terror amongst the general public. One of the places where the attacks have been carried out is La Perle Cafe.


Interestingly, former Liverpool FC and current Crystal Palace fullback Martin Kelly was reportedly at the cafe, when the attacks were crried-out. This prompted a lot of concern for the 25-year-old football player, on socia media.

Soon enough, pictures of Kelly “helping” the victims of the attack started to pour out on Twitter.

Some people even went to the extent of creating memes for the ex-Liverpool FC player.

Meanwhile, there were others, who seemed to be irritated at the concern that people showed for Kelly, and not for the rest of the victims.

Crystal Palace got in touch with Kelly though, and confirmed on their social media that the 25-year-old was safe.

However, Kelly himself proceeded to dismantle the image of him helping the victims of the Paris attacks, by posting on his Twitter handle, that the man in the above picture was in fact someone else.