Gary Neville has talked a lot of the talk as a Pundit on Sky Sports but, as he stands on the brink off taking over as the new manager at Spanish La Liga side Valencia CF, he said that he would have criticised an appointment like his at an English club.

At the press conference where he was officially unveiled as the new manager of Valencia CF, Neville was asked what he would say if a man with no managerial experience, and no knowledge of English was appointed at a club in England.

This question reeked of the cynicism from the local fans and experts that the former Manchester United man faces before he take over as the manager of Valencia CF. However, Neville in his nonchalant fashion seemed to indicate that he would question his own appointment as the Valencia manager if he were still a pundit on Sky Sports.

a I would question it, as a neutral observer,a Neville was quoted saying in the Daily Mirror. a I would be sceptical a wanting to be proven otherwise.

a I understand I have to prove to Valencia fans that Ia m capable of doing this job. Those doubts or concerns will only be removed by winning football matches.

a I am not going to wipe out the last four years on Sky, Ia m sure you will go back on YouTube and get all the clips of what Ia ve said when foreign managers came to England – and Ia m not going to shy away from the very direct approach I had on television.a

Learning Spanish to be the ‘biggest challenge’ for Neville


The former Manchester United man admitted that he does not speak much Spanish, and that he would have to learn the language, if he were to be able to communicate with his players and the backroom staff.

a Learning Spanish will be my biggest challenge. I will take lessons every day. I cana t find a teacher at the moment who gets up at 6 am every day. So if you know someone, let me know,” said Neville.

a A lot of the backroom team speak English, but I expect myself to turn more Valencia and not them to turn more English. I have to pick up key phrases as early as possible.

Of course, Gary’s brother Phil has been at the club for four months now, and knows how to speak Spanish quite well, which should help the ex-England captain quite a lot. Phil has also had a lot of interaction with the playersover his four months at the club and this could also help Gary in a big way.