Due to a bust-up with a member of the coaching squad, Andros Townsend has been left out of Tottenham Hotspur FC’s squad for their crucial Group J match against Aderlecht, on Thursday night.

Not only this, but the English wingman has also been fined an amount of his wages, for the misconduct, which happened during Spurs’ warm-down session on Monday, after their 3-1 win over Aston Villa. The 24-year-old had an altercation with Nathan Gardiner, who is one of the assistant coaches at Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Tottenham Hotspur FC manager Mauricio Pochettino confirmed the the news on Wednesday, and said that the player has been punished for his bad behaviour.


“Because of [the incident on] Monday, he is not available for selection,” Pochettino was quoted as saying in London Evening Standard. “When you behave in the wrong way, you always need to pay. Discipline is very important to me.

a He needs to learn about football, which isna t just playing the game. He needs to learn about behaviour, discipline. You need to have the responsibility of a professional,” continued Pochettino. a If Andros Townsend is in the squad, it means we believe in him and that he can give us good things. After that, it is up to the player to show me I am wrong.a

Frustrated Townsend looking for a move in January?

In spite of punishing Townsend, Pochettino did admit that it can get difficult for players to accept things “sometimes when you dona t play as much as you expect”. This could exactly be the case with Townsend, who has just gotten around 64 minutes of game-time, so far this season.

Townsend’s seemingly strained relationship with the Tottenham Hotspur FC coaches, and the lack of gametime, is something that could be driving the winger out of the North London club, according to The Guardian.

Although Pochettino has revealed that the player has apologised for the incident, he did say that Townsend could be banned for more than one match, something that would surely not make the 24-year-old happy. It would be interesting to see what options he would have, come January, and whether he chooses to move afterall.