A new season is at hand and after a long time Tottenham prepare to start a season with the same manager as they did in the last season. What can we expect from them this time?

  1. Mauricio Pochettino will shine a Tottenham have had an inconsistent set of managers ever
    Pochettino will Shine this season

    Pochettino will shine this season

    since the departure of Harry Redknapp. In a game where consistency in manager-ship is key to success, Spurs have struggled to find the right man for the job. Every manager that has completed a term has often made the excuse of having to use players he wouldna t have otherwise picked. Pochettino this season will not be able to state the same. As after an aggravating yet fruitful season last year, the Argentine manager has learnt and got used to the squad. With major changes being made and a lot of dead wood being rid, Pochettino will look to strengthen the team with players who are in sync with his philosophy and who he feels will work in a cohesive manner. Having already brought in a few defensive options, Pochettino seems to have sorted out the area Tottenham have always been weak in. This coupled with his pressing style of play, Pochettino will ensure his side arena t the pushovers they have been in the recent past.

  2. Alderwiereld & Vertonghena s partnership will be useful a One of the biggest letdowns for Tottenham last season was their defence. Pochettino struggled to find a centre-back partnership that would work. Initially starting with Kaboul then shifting to Dier and then ending it all with Fazio. Toby Alderwiereld has been a keen interest of Tottenham for quite a while. His reunion with his countryman Jan Vertonghen will have a dual impact to Spurs defence. Not only will Toby establish a well-oiled defensive unit along with Vertonghen, but will also ensure help Pochettino to allow the teama s defence a high line. Both Vertonghen and Alderwiereld are centre-backs with the ability to play in the wing back position if the need be. This versatility comes with one advantage, both of them are gifted with a reasonable amount of pace to track back. Unlike Fazio and Kaboul, who struggled to maintain a high defensive line, the two Belgians will be able to adhere to this requirement and will yet remain organised when a threat arises.
  3. New stars will emerge a The pre-season game is crucial for every team as the manager gets time to experiment with his formation and utilize new signings as well as academy graduates. With the unearthing of a gem in the shape of Harry Kane last season, a lot more can be expected of the Tottenham Hotspur academy. Pochettino seems to have found three new players he wishes to introduce to the first team and their addition might prove exceptional for Tottenham. Dele Alli is a 19-year old midfielder who has impressed the coach with his fine performance against Real Madrid in the Audi Cup. With the ability to play anywhere across the midfield, the youngster will compensate comfortably for the loss of Stambouli and Capoue. Alex Pritchard is another prodigy that is eager to be introduced to the first team. With comparisons being made between him and Eriksen, Pritchard will serve as a good back up when the Dane is injured or simply needs more support.

  1. Kanea s performance will impact Spurs greatly a Harry Kane is no doubt the most important
    Kane's performance crucial for Spurs

    Kane’s performance crucial for Spurs

    player for Tottenham this season. He will face immense pressure to prove to the world that he isna t a one season wonder. With that stunner against the MLS All-Stars, he leaves no room for doubt of his skill. However a lot will depend on him to deliver the same way he did in a season where opponents have now watched and learnt how to read his game. With Spurs about to send Emmanuel Adebayor packing to Villa, the only back up that Tottenham have is Roberto Soldado, a striker whose goal tally leaves a bench-warmer embarrassed. If Kane were to succumb to any injury, Tottenham are no doubt going to struggle and will further loose grip on their aim to finish in the top four. Unless Tottenham bring in a big name striker who can complement and support Kane, Spurs are bound to struggle this season.

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  3. Spurs will finally make it to the top 4 a Although this claim has been made by every Spurs fan at the beginning of every season who then retreats to the deepest ocean once the season is over. Tottenham this season look stronger than ever. Having rid themselves of some of their under-performers, Spurs seem to have sorted out their most problematic area, the defence. The last few seasons saw Tottenham struggling to find a strong centre-back partnership and poor choice for their full backs. However this season, Tottenhama s new signing have all been in defence. With a few choice attacking players expected to arrive coupled with the introduction of some strong youngsters from the academy, Spurs are on the road to building a strong, long term and reliable team resilient enough to challenge for the title in a few years. Tottenhama s main rivals would come in the form of Liverpool FC and Manchester City. Although Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal are also names that are usually tagged along in a top 4 battle. The latter three have strengthened their squad and looked sharp in the pre-season games. Hence there is no doubt the three of them will build up the top three in a permutation that will come to be in the future months. Liverpool on the other hand have signed only strikers and yet to sort out their problematic defence. Manchester City too are struggling to make a decent signing with only Sterling added to the roster. Their now shaky defence doesna t look like it will be able to handle the pressure of their rivals. Although signings are not the only portents of a team’s fortunes, it definitely is a crucial part of judging a team. Hence Tottenham seem like they will finish 4th, this season improving one position from their previous season.