Arsenal legend Thierry Henry said that he wouldna t want the Gunners to emulate Liverpool and go such a long time without winning the league title.

In an interview with La Equipe and translated by Arseblog, Henry said, a If I told you in 1990 that Liverpool wouldna t win a championship for the next 25-years youa d have thought I was mad. I dona t want the same thing to happen at Arsenal. Ita s already been 11 years.

a This year, wea re not so far away. The Monaco game aside, theya re on the right track but they lost too many points early in the season. I think this group can win the title in the coming years.a

He also talked about his role as a commentator and how he goes about doing it.

Henry said, a My way of commentating is more or less what I do when Ia m in my living room when Ia m explaining the action to my mates. The difference on TV is that you dona t always have time to explain things. You dona t always get a chance to talk about the bits of the game you want to talk about.

a But I love talking about and watching football. Sometimes I miss games because theya re on at the same time as another! Football is my passion and ita ll always be my passion.a

He also explained what his future in management could be, stressing that his present focus is on earning his coaching badges and learning the ropes as a coach.

Henry said, a Ia m not claiming that one day Ia ll lead the team or succeed Arsene Wenger. [At the moment] I just want to learn the role with the youngsters at Arsenal. I just want to be ready if, one day, the opportunity [to coach Arsenal] presents itself.

a I realise now you cana t just prepare a session at the last minute or just change five players. When youa re a player you dona t busy yourself worrying about these things. Today Ia ve discovered the size of the role.

a The other coaches tell me the youngsters are on it a bit more when Ia m there. I try not to think about it, I just want to help them by doing my job. Ita s not always easy; just because you know football doesna t mean you communicate things and educate people well, or get them to understand the things you understand. The role demands that I serve my apprenticeship.a