Arsenal FC striker Theo Walcott has hailed record signing Mesut Ozil’s vision ahead of the crunch clash against Manchester United.

The Englishman has scored 12 goals in his last 13 appearances for the Gunners and was on the recieving end of a stunning 40-yard pass from Ozil for his goal against Stoke City. Walcott praised Ozil’s ability to affect the game from anywhere on the pitch and was hopeful of feeding on the number of chances that the German creates.

Mesut Ozil has been criticized in recent weeks for his below par performances, but Walcott insists that it’s a ‘pleasure’ to play alongside the 26-year-old.

Ozil has three assists to his name this season and has created the most chances in the league so far, but the former Real Madrid man would require to be at his best against league leaders Manchester United, if Arsenal FC are to win the game.

He makes football look easy – Walcott on Ozil

Speaking in an interview with the club’s official website, Walcott was quoted as saying:

a The first thing he does when he has the ball, in fact when he hasna t even got the ball, is that he looks.


a He looks first before he gets the ball and he knows where hea s going to play it before hea s even got it. That just shows the sort of quality we have in this team.

a Mesuta s involvement in the Stoke goal sums it up and also shows what he can do for this team. He makes football look easy and hea s a special player who has so many assists in his game.

a He can do it anywhere on the pitch, hea s a threat from anywhere and when youa ve got that in your dressing room you can build on it.

a I know what hea s going to do now when hea s got the ball, I just need to keep making those runs and hopefully we can get that relationship going.a