Arsenal forward, Theo Walcott, claims Arsenal have been a the best team in Europea this calendar year and says they could have won the league if not for injuries.

Arsenal are on a good run of form since the year began and they had a slight possibility of beating Chelsea to the league title, till the league leaders held them to a 0-0 draw on Sunday. The draw against Chelsea has practically denied Arsenal the remote chance of lifting the Premier League trophy.

Praising his sidea s performance since the start of 2015, Theo Walcott claimed that Arsenal could challenge for the title next season considering the squad depth the London-based club has. He added that if the club had an injury-free season, they could lift the title.

As quoted on the Arsenal website, Walcott said: a There is a lot of competition for places, so everyone seems to lift a gear and play extremely well. It makes it a bit more difficult for people to get into the team.

“I think, especially this season, not many people thought we would be challenging for the Premier League.

“In this calendar year, we have been the best team in Europe. It is the strongest the squad has been and everyone is staying fit as well.

“There aren’t many injuries in the squad, which is important. If we had an injury-free season, I think we could lift the title.”

Arsenal have had a strong start to 2015. The club have made it to the final of the FA Cup and have almost secured a sure short place in the Champions League next season as they head to finish above the fourth-place. However, 2015 hasna t been as rosy for Arsenal as Walcott claims it to be. The Gunners were embarrassingly defeated 3-1 at home by Monaco and they failed to clear the Champions League round-of-16 despite winning 2-0 away to the French side. Arsenal were eliminated from the last-16 stage of the Champions League for a fifth straight season.