Arsenal and France legend Thierry Henry has thoroughly criticized Javier Hernandeza s celebration for Real Madrid last night, after he scored an 88th minute goal to gift his team a crucial UEFA Champions League victory against city rivals Atletico de Madrid.

It was a reverse fixture of the quarter-final game held at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. After an intense battle between the two clubs, Real Madrid finally managed a goal and went ahead into the semi-finals.

According to Henry, it was because of Cristiano Ronaldo, that Javier Hernandez or a Chicharitoa scored his maiden Champions League goal for the Los Blancos.

As a Sky Sports pundit, Henry commented, a Thata s Ronaldoa s goal. At that particular moment, he couldna t shoot, so he didna t take the risk of doing something stupid and silly with it. He saw a guy in a better position, which Chicharito was, and he gave him the ball.

a What I dona t like is Chicharito seems like hea s won the World Cup with that.a

He further added, a Ita s a tap-in. Turn around and celebrate with Ronaldo. Even the camera knew a the camera is on Ronaldo for a reason.a

a I think the pressure went through him. He knew he had to perform today and he had a couple of chances to do it.

a If Ronaldo had done that I would have said the same thing. You have to pass the ball, but ita s still a tap-in and you have to turn around and say thank you.a

Chicharito has had tough times at the Spanish club after he moved here last summer on loan from Manchester United. He has hardly received game time at the club. Many believe that this last minute winning goal came as a great relief for the Mexican striker.