Arsenal and French football legend Thierry Henry has advised Liverpool FC youngster Raheem Sterling to respect his club and his fans. A few days back, the English footballer had announced that he will not sign a contract extension with the club. Speculations immediately triggered in the media that Sterling would move out of the club in this summer. Sterling’s present contract expires in 2017.

Henry’s ex-club Arsenal FC are one of the strong contenders to bring in the Liverpool youngster this summer. Speaking about the furore in the media about Sterling’s transfer, Thierry Henry opined, “There is one thing I’d say about Raheem Sterling. We all know he’s a Londoner. The way Arsene (Wenger) was talking yesterday indicates he wants him. But there’s something I want to say about the lad.

a I think we all know that he’s receiving some bad advice.

a You can’t go out there and talk about your contract in the press. I think that you have to respect your fans, respect the club that you play for.

a And if you want to leave Liverpool or not, then when you have to make the announcement of leaving or staying, then do it a don’t discuss your stuff in the paper.

a And I went through the same thing. When I was young I had a problem with Monaco and Juventus. Some guys who were around me were putting stuff in my head. I lost my football, mentally I wasn’t there any more, I wasn’t concentrating on anything.

a And therefore it looked like I was going to have a good career and then people were questioning me when I hadn’t even started my career. Same thing with Raheem Sterling.

a You can blame the agent, the advisor, but you need to be a man about it also and say ‘Enough, you’re destroying my life, you’re destroying my career’. He’s a great product for Liverpool and he’s going to be a great product for England.

a I will be more than happy to see him play for Arsenal but he is still a Liverpool player.a

Henry specifically criticised Raheem Sterling’s act of disclosing everything regarding his contract in front of the media.

Along with Arsenal, The Manchester clubs are also keen on signing Raheem Sterling. It is believed that Liverpool have already rejected Manchester United’s first bid.

Sterling was voted as Liverpool’s Young Player of the Year this week. While he took the stage to accept the honour, several fans had booed him.