Liverpool FC’s legendary forward Robbie Fowler has mentioned that he would advise young English attacker Raheem Sterling to stay at the club for his own development and benefit.

Raheem Sterling, 20, was adamant to leave the club even before the last season ended. His transfer has been a subject of great speculation since a long time and he has been linked with a move to several top European sides. Recent rumours suggest that Manchester City are leading the race to rope in Sterling and they have already placed multiple bids for the youngster.

Speaking about Sterling’s transfer, club legend Robbie Fowler . opined: a Ita s obvious Raheem has been confused by whata s happened over the last few months, but I still believe the right thing for his development is to stay, and I hope for his sake he can somehow see that.

a I still think there is time to back away from this. These things seem to get a momentum and you think you have no options, but if he were to take a step back and find a way of staying at Liverpool, I think the fans would embrace that.

a Ia m not having a go at him, hea s a kid and when things like this happen it can scramble your brain, but Ia m saying that he can still stay at Liverpool a even now a and ita s the best place for him.a

Fowler stressed on the fact that he has developed as a player under Brendan Rodgers at Anfield and he should stick around with the Reds in the future for his all round development. He has also expressed doubts over City’s ability to nurture young talents.

Sterling Heading For The Door At Liverpool

Sterling should not leave Liverpool, according to club legend Robbie Fowler

He further said: a Hea d be crazy to go at this stage in his development, surely he can see how much the manager has got out of him already, and can develop him even more?

a One of things you have to think about as a young player is which managers have a track record of developing emerging talent. [Liverpool manager] Brendan Rodgers has proved he has, but have City shown any capacity to do that?

a Sometimes ita s difficult to see things clearly in these situations, but if Raheem looks back on this whole episode when hea s older, I reckon hea ll think the same.

“You have to do whata s best for your career over the long term, and I think everyone in football believes it would be best for him if he stayed a bit longer.a

Sterling had joined Liverpool as a youth player in 2010 and made his senior team debut under Brendan Rodgers in 2012. He blossomed last season while playing alongside Luis Suarez in the attack force. After an impressive show in the World Cup 2014 last year, a lot was expected from the player. He played 35 Premier League games last season scoring 7 times and provided 7 assists.

If Raheem Sterling plans to join Manchester City, the move could prove to be a make or break for his career. A first team start is not guaranteed at the Etihad which can harm his growth as a player.