Manchester United are the most disliked club in the Premier League, followed by Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC, according to a new survey.

The Trinity Mirror data unit released the a league of love and hatea , an interactive online poll which allowed supporters to choose which premier league team they like and dislike.


Selecting an option of either like, dislike or simply not bothered for every one of the other 19 Premier League teams, fans could have their say on which teams they hate – and which ones they dona t mind at all.

As things stand, Manchester United and Chelsea FC have received more more dislike votes than any other sides with Liverpool FC third as per report by Liverpool Echo.

The poll, which first asks the voter to reveal which club they support, says that fans of Everton and Manchester United are the most frequent in terms of disliking Liverpool, with Southampton fans third. That is, unsurprising given the number of players Liverpool FC have been signing from St. Mary’s.

The biggest surprise in the poll so far is surely that Liverpool FC fans Chelsea FC more than Merseyside rivals Everton.


Arsenal, as the ninth most liked team fared best of the challengers for the top four, with Southampton, newly-promoted Bournemouth and Swansea the most liked three teams overall.

Chelsea FC fans also listed Manchester United as their most hated team, but the club Manchester United fans love to hate is, surprisingly, neither Liverpool FC nor Chelsea FC, but, their cross town rivals Manchester City.

Arsenal FC supporters, unsurprisingly, chose Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea FC, with Arsene Wenger and the Portuguese well known adversaries, as their most hated club.