Luis Suarez’s cold war (of sorts) with the English media is not an unheard thing. The Uruguayan, in his time in the Premier League with Liverpool, was many times involved in things that got him a lot of mass attention and naturally the media was the biggest player in the role. The biggest power journalists hold is of moulding and shaping opinion and Suarez, on many times felt that the English media had demonized him.

When one thinks about instances like how England’s embarrassing group stage exit from the World Cup was a low-key affair in the press and all the attention went on Suarez’s biting Chiellini, the Barcelona striker isn’t wrong in suspecting he might have been a scapegoat on various occasions.

Suarez has voiced his opinion about the English press after he was left angered by reports suggesting he had tried to bite Manchester Citya s Mart n Demichelis during their Champions League clash at the Etihad.

Suarez told beIN SPORTS, a I dona t know if there is a campaign of the English press towards me, but it can be seen that they miss me. They criticise me so much that they look for something that is not there to draw attention.

a They published images of me (next to Demichelis) in the morning and when they saw that that was false those images disappeared off the pages. I said enough and that they leave me alone and that I went because I was tired of them, but yet they are still looking (for me).

a I am very happy at Barca, I fulfilled a dream to play at the best club in the world and now I am enjoying it. I am contributing things to the team and that leaves me calmer and makes me feel important.

a The family are very happy in Barcelona and enjoying a city that we knew. The children are in the school and my wife is very happy.a

This is not the first time Suarez has said such a thing. He expressed his concerns in June 2013 as well and said, “Ever since I arrived I have felt bad, they [the media] have never judged me for my play but with the attitude that he dives, protests, makes gestures, racism a everything. They have never spoken well of me. For that reason, when I was told I could win the Player of the Year award, I said: ‘I will not get excited as I know that I will never win an important award in England.'”