Liverpool FC‘s departing captain Steven Gerrard underwent an emotional evening at Anfield yesterday. There is still a match to play but the home match matters more in football than anything else. The farewell will reach conclusion this week by a final outing for the club at Stoke City next Sunday.

It will be difficult to imagine Liverpool without their talismanic captain so it isn’t strange to see the 34 year-old already talking about coming back before officially leaving the club.

There have been a lot of cries from the supporters, understandably, about the club legend returning in managerial capacity and the 34 year-old has said that he will be “bonkers” not to consider it, but he knows the expectations the job carries so he will only do it if it won’t threaten the legacy he will leave behind.

a If Ia m in a position that I feel I am good enough and can contribute and help to this club and do a good job as a manager and the role is offered to me, I would consider it really seriously,a said the Reds captain.

a If in five or 10 years time I get offered it and I don’t feel I am good enough, and there is a danger of ruining my reputation or showing myself up, I wona t go near it.

a This is a brutal club to get it wrong at. You see what happened, for example with Roy Hodgson.

a He never got enough time, in a short space of time and he was out.

a You have got to be ready for it, you have to have the right backing, a certain amount of time to get it right.

a A lot of things have to be considered before you take on a role like that, and you have to be good enough.a

a I must be a bit bonkers, I must have that inside me. I dona t want to sit here and say a yes, I want to be a manager or coacha .

a Ia m certainly not going to say no to that, I am going to try and get my qualifications while I have more time and see what happens and what opportunities are out there when I come back.a